Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Philosophy - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

There are four chapters or padas in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, they are:

1. Concentration (Samadhi Pada)
2. Practice (Sadhana Pada)
3. Experience (Vibhuti Pada)
4. Absolute Freedom (Kaivalya Pada)

In the last post I asked that you start reading the second Pada, this is because I believe that it is a nice place to start studying. I still want you to take a look at this Pada, however I will start posting sutras from the first Pada with explanation and discussion, one at a time...one each day. So, check in here daily to read the sutra and respond or ask questions accordingly.

1.1 Now then authoritative instruction of yoga. (atha yoga anushasanam)

atha = now then
yoga = union or bringing together; contemplation or absorption
anusasanam = teaching


Alex Halenda said...

What I'm thinking is: basically this sutra is bringing attention to how one comes to know this practice-through the teaching of it and how we manifest it within.

"yoga= union or bringing together; contemplation or absorption"

--- so through the teaching (ideally) we are creating unity between us and the teaching, the teacher, within ourselves, and our world.

We do this by, "bringing together" ourselves and the practice. So get in there! Practice, practice, practice. Don't burn yourself out, but get to know the practice, and yourself within it. "Contemplation" the practice goes way beyond the physical realm. Contemplating, what you learn, understanding it, asking questions, then deepening your thoughts on it further.

"Teaching"- Taking initiative and learning from all the resources you have. The shala, and all it's awesome yogi's and their mind power :) , your own practice, books, internet, video, etc. Taking advantage of your opportunities to learn, is like teaching yourself in a way. You're using your own energy to get out there and further your knowledge. No one can make you do something you don't want. But they can help you get what you want.

I'm still thinking on this one, so I might post more... but for now, what does this sutra mean to you?

Cris said...

I've been pondering it for the past 2 weeks and what it finally reminded me of the other day was a teacher bringing a class to order at the start of the day's lesson. Like an orchestra conductor tapping his baton to bring the musicians to attention. Almost like Patanjali is snapping his fingers in our face to break us out of our zombie trances we've put ourselves in succumbing to life through ignorance caused pains. Such a small tiny statement, that's more a openening door to this better life that awaits you, yoga.