Monday, March 16, 2009


To this point, we have not spent a great deal of time studying the philosophies associated with the Ashtanga Vinyasa System. As we continue to move forward, the physical practice is taking shape, I would like to start introducing some of the philosophical aspects of the practice. These will be simple illustrations of some of the concepts and how they could be applied to your daily life. Of course some will be more challenging than others, experiment with spending some time with the "1% theroy" of Ashtanga Yoga and see if or how it changes how you move throughout your day.

Guruji often refers to his Ashtanga Vinyasa System as "Patanjali's Yoga." The translation of "ashtanga" is ashta=eight and anga=limb, which implies an eight fold path. The path as descirbed in the Yoga Sutras are guidelines for how we live; moral and ethical conduct, self discipline, etc...a prescription, if you will, for how to live a purposeful life.

Do a little on-line search regarding the Yoga Sutras, Book 2. is a great place to start.

I will start posting some things to think about along with a sutra... let the journey begin! I hope you enjoy this section of the training.


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