Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sharath 2009 Tour

As you all know, I traveled to Islamorada to take two classes with Sharath! ( I did not come here with huge expectations... only a little yoga and a lot of R&R! What I got was some awesome yoga and a little r&r. After class he spoke briefly about how all of this is possible because of his grandfather and that the yoga does not belong to one person, but to everyone. I got several adjustments, which were quite nice.

A little inspiration goes a long way and I was definitely inspired this weekend!

I hope you all enjoyed your Real Life Ready portion of the teacher training. I understand Theresa gave you a lot of information. :-)


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Cris said...

It was a really good class and yes, we got A LOT of information. But it was something I really needed to hear and learn. The RLR helped make this dream/goal of mine that much more concrete and attainable. The business side doesn't have to be "scary" and she broke it down so that it's no longer intimidating.

And YAY! You got lots of adjustments! Can't wait to see those!