Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Progress.

We have had a great couple of weeks in teacher training! I have enjoyed this journey very much and I am grateful to be sharing it with you.

In the next couple of weeks I would like for you to observer a led primary series class. As an observer, take some time to watch the students as well as the teacher. Enjoy the dance, the energy created as a room of people move to the same breath! It is a glorious sight.

For Alex and Jeff, we will be moving into some anatomy study. Please send me an email of your anatomy studies today. Do you feel like you have a strong anatomical understanding? What do you think will best serve you as a teacher: 1) In depth knowledge of muscles; 2) Practical application and understanding of the body; 3) endocrinological applications; 4) subtle bodies. Go on line, look up chakra.

For Anat and Cris, next week begins Teaching Methodology. We will be touching on the qualities of a teacher, styles, principles of deomonstrating and more. I would like for you to take some time this week and think about your teachers, yoga and otherwise. Best and worst teachers, how would you do things differently, what to expect to gain from teaching yoga?

Please send me your thoughts, research, questions, and observations by Thursday.

Have a great week! Peace, Linda

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