Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to stay fit during the Holidays.

So many of us are rushing around and ignoring our bodies during this time of indulgent cheer. But here are a few tricks to keeping that weight off now so you won't have too much hard work to face in the New Year.

1.) When shopping, don't waste time driving around and waiting for a nearby parking spot, just pick the one farthest away and enjoy the stroll. I know you may have a few heavy packages to carry back to the car, but see it as your daily "weightlifting" chore.

2.) We all get a little extra time off during the holidays for shopping and parties. Instead of thinking of all the things you have to do, take that extra time and hit the gym now. Come the new year, you may not have the time since you'll be back working full time through the dreary winter.

4.) Bring a veggie plate to the next party you're invited to. Filling up on veggies can help you avoid filling up on desserts. Also, bring soda water as a mixer for drinks or simply drink it alone. It will make your body feel full and keep you hydrated.

5.) Turn off the TV. You've seen those Christmas movies a hundred times. Sit on the floor, stretch, relax, clear your mind. You can even wrap your gifts on the floor and by reaching and stretching for those scissors and ribbons, your body will thank you.

6.) We all know that we are probably going to eat too much anyway. When your internal full-o-meter kicks in, grab another family member and head outside for a walk, a football game or even to shoot some hoops. You will fell better and your body will be able to digest and metabolize better.

7.) REMEMBER, when all of the traffic and stress start to overwhelm you, take a minute to mind your breath. The most effective way to refocus and release tension is to just breathe. Take 10 long, slow deep breaths and you will get some perspective. This also works for hiccups. ;)

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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